Saturday, March 1, 2014

Two Women with a Mirror

I've neglected this blog in recent weeks and also realize that I haven't posted yet about the last painting I finished in 2013: Two Women with a Mirror.

Two Women with a Mirror
8" x 9"     oil on linen     2013
Private Collection, Florida

I enjoy working with compositions that include mirrors; on the abstract level, they allow me to introduce additional complexity to the spatial organization, and they make for an interesting narrative as well. 

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Other recent news: there is now a page about me on Wikipedia. It was also featured on the Wikipedia homepage on January 21st in the "Did you know" section. (Links to both are in the side bar.)

And today, I was informed that a photo of my 2012 painting, Hat Party, was used to complement an article by David Pablo Cohn, appearing on February 27th in The Paris Review, titled: It's My Party: How many hotheaded academics does it take to solve a riddle?  The author is writing about "word game" puzzle parties that took place in the 1990s in Cambridge, Mass. (Link in the side bar.) 

Coincidentally, Hat Party has a mirror too.

Hat Party
7" x 8"     oil on linen     2012
Private Collection, New York

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  1. I never thought about the compositional challenges of showing a mirror. Nice press, Andrew! And I love both of the paintings! in Hat Party, I love how the two men are looking away from the two women. In actuality, they might both be watching or at least the one in the red and white hat most likely would be.



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