Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Interior at Night (final drawing)

I've spent the last four weeks working on a large oil painting, Interior at Night (52" x 50"). At this point the figure is finished -- except for some final glazing -- and I'm well along on the walls. I'll have an "in progress" photo in my next post.

In the meanwhile, below is a photo of the final drawing. It looks quite beaten up and wrinkled because I worked on it for almost two weeks, and there are many changes between it and the "initial concept drawing" in my previous post. A lot of the work involved shifts in lines and edges, and refinement of the figure; a major change was the removal of a small angled wall behind the woman which enabled me to simplify the composition and to bring the wall and the rug straight across from one side to the other. I felt that gave the composition better weight and stability.

Interior at Night, drawing #6
50" x 52"  pencil on paper with pastel tone on reverse  2013

The most obvious change is that the cat is gone. While I liked the cat, I thought he was attracting too much attention and changing the narrative in a way that was contrary to my intent with this painting.  

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- Mark Rothko

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- Magritte

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