Saturday, June 9, 2012

More Hats

Hat Party is moving along well. All four faces and three hats are done and I've decided to replace the left-side woman's drink with a mirror. My next decision will be about the color of the remaining unpainted hat. A bright blue would create a triangle of primary colors to play off the green note ... or ... an orange (or another red or yellow) would create a triangle of warm colors, playing off the cool green in a different way. The first choice would probably turn out more vibrant and energetic, the second more subtle and enclosed. Will see. 

Hat Party ... in progress
7" x 8"

Meanwhile, I've finished two more small paintings involving hats. Between these two, and the above, and the recent Party Hat and Man in a Yellow Hat, I think I'll be done with hats for a while!

left:     Pastry Chef        5" x 5 1/4"                      
right:   Gator Hat           4" x 5"
both oil on linen, 2012  


  1. Years ago at a dinner party, I sat next to an esteemed art professor from Yale. We started talking about the use of color in painting. He told me that when a painter is having difficulty deciding on a color, he or she should always go with mauve. He was quite sincere and ardent about this. You have a third alternative then: blue, orange, or mauve!

  2. Sophie,
    The hat has been painted: blue ... manganese blue ... and the shape reverted to the angular one in the final drawing.

    BTW, there was a professor at R.I.S.D. who said the exact same thing about mauve, but I was never sure if he was serious or joking.



"There is more power in telling little than in telling all."
- Mark Rothko

“The mind loves the unknown. It loves images whose meanings are unknown, since the meaning of the mind itself is unknown.”
- Magritte

"Now, the idea is to get everything right -- it's not just color or form or space or line -- it's everything all at once."
- Richard Diebenkorn

“What I am seeking is not the real and not the unreal but rather the unconscious,
the mystery of the instinctive in the human race.”
- Amedeo Modigliani