Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Jessie's Diner

Jessie's Diner
35" x 65", oil on linen, 2016-17

The view outside the windows was the last area painted and I tried a number of ideas before finally settling on a single building with an attached wall and a swath of sky. Originally I thought to have a second building on the left side, but this solution brings in more light and balances the density of the right side. It also solves the problem of how to stay minimal and it doesn't distract from the interior.

The real-life view out the diner windows offered me little inspiration: a stretch of US route 20 and a wide parking lot with a large windowless building on the right side - the Northborough Highway Department truck terminal - and a barn-like structure filled with sand on the left.

Since the painting is large and the photo above is small, here are two details:

ca. 34" x ca. 37"
35" x ca. 39"


  1. Love the finished work! I'm fascinated by this "video in a painting". I like your solution to the scene outside the window with the sky blue where the woman is opening the window and then the white & black verticals of the building and windows in the building next door. Excellent

  2. I love these people who live in your world.
    - Jim G.

  3. I love Jessie’s diner … the great space you create, yet on a 2-dimensional surface! Going back from one room to another, and looking out the window, your eye led by the line-up of figures, both sitting and standing.
    - Connie



"There is more power in telling little than in telling all."
- Mark Rothko

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- Magritte

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- Richard Diebenkorn

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