Sunday, April 12, 2015

Man Wearing a Grey Hat

I've neglected this blog since my exhibition opened in New York ... which has just two more weeks to run - until April 25th. The opening was very well attended, a lot of great positive energy, and the Adelsons have presented the work beautifully, as they always do. A very memorable evening.

Below is a photo of the last painting that was finished in time to be in the exhibition: 

Man Wearing a Grey Hat
4 3/4" x 4 1/4"     oil on linen      2014
Private Collection, Missouri

I tried to keep the color harmony limited, with a range of grey tones that surround the pale warmth of the skin tones. This composition has been on my mind for quite awhile - ever since it first appeared ten years ago in the painting below - on the back wall in a small poster. 

Movie Lobby
15" x 15"     oil on linen     2005
Private Collection, London


  1. Great getting to see the 2005 inspiration! And I hope the NY show is going well.

  2. I guess that, since the on-screen romance didn't work out, he grew a mustache. It made him feel more serious. As time passed, it turned grey, which he embraced, because it gave him a touch of gravitas he felt he needed. And he'd gone bald, also. So he took to wearing a hat. Which he wore low on his brow so as not to be recognized. - J. L.



"There is more power in telling little than in telling all."
- Mark Rothko

“The mind loves the unknown. It loves images whose meanings are unknown, since the meaning of the mind itself is unknown.”
- Magritte

"Now, the idea is to get everything right -- it's not just color or form or space or line -- it's everything all at once."
- Richard Diebenkorn

“What I am seeking is not the real and not the unreal but rather the unconscious,
the mystery of the instinctive in the human race.”
- Amedeo Modigliani